• Gaye Lynn Bailey

    Disaster Services Manager

  • Carson Barwinkel

    Program Analyst, Community Health and Nutrition

  • Celia Cole

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Caitlyn Collins

    Office Manager

  • Molly Comeaux

    Community Voices VISTA

  • Amy Cuellar

    Senior Program Manager, Social Services Outreach

  • JC Dwyer

    Senior Director of Civic Engagement

  • Elizabeth Endres

    Program Manager, Social Services Outreach

  • Jeanie Escalona

    Senior Accountant

  • Jacqueline Futch

    Senior Program Manager, Community Health and Nutrition

  • Greg Grace

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Brooklynn Gray

    VISTA Leader

  • Leon Jones

    VISTA Program Manager

  • Dinu Krishnamoorthi

    Communications Coordinator

  • Rachel Koay

    Chief Impact Officer

  • Lena Lee

    Healthy Pantry VISTA

  • Anna Medica

    Director of Communications

  • Sabine Monice

    Evaluation Manager, Social Services Outreach

  • Jamie Olson

    Director of Government Affairs

  • Jen O’Neal

    Community Voices Program Manager

  • Diane Paul

    Produce Accountant

  • Theresa Pennell

    Partner Support Specialist, Social Services Outreach

  • Cecilia Rodriguez

    Administrative Assistant, Social Services Outreach

  • Dawn Starostka

    Chief Development Officer

  • Summer Stringer

    Senior Director of Social Services Outreach

  • Heidi Turpin

    Data Systems Coordinator, Social Services Outreach