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At Feeding Texas we understand the strong connection between hunger and poor health.

It’s a two-way street. In one direction, food insecurity worsens (and can even cause) health problems. In the other direction, medical costs compete with food for scarce dollars in the family budget.

That’s why our food banks aim to provide healthy food to families in their moment of need, while simultaneously offering tools to transform their long-term health.

Those tools span the gamut from cooking demonstrations, to behavioral “nudges” at food pantries, to teaching through gardening. What they have in common are a commitment to shared goals and the accountability that comes from rigorous evaluation.

This week, we’re proud to release our latest tool to help low-income Texans make the most of tight food budgets – the “Recipes in a SNAP” cookbook.

Developed in coordination with the Texas Health & Human Services Commission and other statewide partners, this cookbook provides healthy, inexpensive recipes from nutrition educators at food banks across the state.

Adopting healthier habits is tough for everyone. Low-income families face the additional burden of budgets that don’t permit room for experimentation and error.

That’s why we believe that giving Texas families tools to make this transition easier – healthy food, knowledge and skills – is the best way to change eating habits and create better health outcomes for our state.

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