The Collaborative for Fresh Produce (CFP) works directly with growers to source fresh produce that would otherwise be rejected by retailers and often goes to waste. CFP obtains the produce at a low or zero cost, and manages the logistics of getting it to food banks, “breaking bulk” into shipments that are the right size and mix for each individual community.

CFP is one of seven Member-Led Regional Collaboratives (MLRC) supported by Feeding America, the nation’s network of food banks.

Vision & Mission

Vision: for everyone to have access to the fresh produce needed to support a healthy lifestyle.

Mission: to source and distribute surplus produce to those in need through partnerships with growers and Feeding America food banks.


Josh Montemayor, Executive Director, 956-457-8989,
Daniel Elizondo, Produce Sourcer, 956-569-4872,
Noe Elizondo, Produce Sourcer, 956-648-2781,
Noe J. Elizondo, Produce Sourcer, 956-624-3870,
Nora Bocanegra, Fulfillment Specialist,


Jan Pruitt, the late CEO of the North Texas Food Bank and former chair of the board of Feeding America, had a vision – for food banks to collaborate on sourcing produce. Jan knew that one food bank alone could not significantly change the system, but that a collaboration of food banks and farmers working together could

In 2015 the North Texas Food Bank and Lyda Hill Philanthropies partnered to assess the opportunity for a sustainable business model enabling Texas food banks to access imperfect and surplus produce that would have otherwise been wasted. Lyda Hill Philanthropies generously funded a feasibility study and pilot program through Feeding Texas.

A successful two-year pilot highlighted proof of the concept for a sustainable produce-sharing model. 

In 2018, with the generous support of the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation, and Lyda Hill Philanthropies, Feeding Texas formed the Collaborative for Fresh Produce as an independent non-profit organization to source produce on behalf of food banks in Texas and across the country.

Today, CFP serves 26 food banks, partners with 65 produce growers, and ships 50 million pounds of produce annually to food banks.


For growers: Josh Montemayor, 956-457-8989,
For media inquires: Wesley Story,

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