Texas leads the nation in opportunity, yet many hard-working Texans still struggle to put food on the table. Caught between rising prices and tight budgets, one in seven Texas families faces difficult choices between affording food or other needs. The Texas miracle is incomplete while our fellow Texans struggle to eat. Learn more below.

What is Food Insecurity?

The problem of hunger isn't simple, but it is solvable. Food insecurity is a useful way to define where and how our neighbors struggle to afford food. Learn how this metric helps us target our resources and evaluate progress, so that more families can access the nutrition they need to succeed and move forward.

Solving Hunger Locally

Every corner of Texas is touched by the struggle to afford enough food. Use our data tools to learn how hunger impacts your community, and where your help will make the biggest difference.


We have the knowledge to create a hunger-free Texas. Our original research, credible policy analysis and partnerships with academic and nonprofit institutions provide a strong foundation for collective action. Explore what we already know, and help us learn more!