• Marissa

    “Everything is getting so expensive, it really is, and that’s why I’m going to school because I don’t want to struggle any more. And there’s a lot, not just me, but a lot of different families you know, whether or whatever their background is or their stories, everybody’s gonna struggle at one point.”

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  • Nancy & Luana

    Nancy is not the only person in her family experiencing temporary unemployment — her father who works in construction is too. “Sometimes he doesn’t get as much income like he used to when we were younger. So this is why we rely on food pantries to get the extra food since we’re a big family.”

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  • Kemi

    “I love to give back because ten years ago I was in this situation. I had to be on food stamps, and my husband just lost his job, and I just had the twins and then we just [were] going through crisis…When you have four kids and no job, it is a crisis…  

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  • Nancy

    Nancy and Edward have been neighbors for more than a decade. Over the years, they have developed a cooperative relationship—Nancy helps Edward with affording the bus, and Edward helps Nancy carry her groceries. “One hand washes another,” Edward laughs. The pair visit a few food pantries in their area regularly to help stretch money…

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  • Wende

    Wende is a veteran new to the Austin area trying to navigate and find resources during the government shutdown as a furloughed employee. The government shutdown is Wende’s first time seeking assistance. “It’s time consuming, it’s overwhelming, and it’s tear jerking just to be in this situation and have to reach out…

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  • Shirley

    “Despite the devastation, it’s been encouraging to see all the people willing to help families like mine who have been hurt by this storm – including people at the food bank…Their support has made a difficult time just a little easier, and for that, I’m grateful.”

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