Meeting Specific Dietary Needs

At Feeding Texas, we aim to support the nutritional needs of every Texan whose circumstances prevent them from accessing enough food for a healthy life.

This goal is particularly relevant for households with specific dietary needs; for example, those living with diabetes.

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. Nutritional management is critical for individuals living with this disease. Doctors recommend that their patients with diabetes maintain a low intake of foods high in saturated and trans-fat, salt and sugar, while increasing their consumption of lean protein, whole grains, fruits and non-starchy vegetables.

That prescription can be a real challenge for a family that’s forced to supplement their diet via a food pantry or public benefits program.

Part of our mission is to incorporate these specific foods into the meals that we provide to our clients, such as through our Hunters for the Hungry and Collaborative for Fresh Produce initiatives. Our health promotions team also works to develop best strategies that meet the education needs of all our clients, including those with diet-related disease.

With your continued support we can provide a consistent source of healthy, fresh foods – and fresh ideas – to nourish every Texan in need.

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