For Immediate Release: 4/12/18
Contact: Celia Cole, 512-590-0659 or [email protected]

Statement attributable to Celia Cole, CEO of Feeding Texas on proposed farm bill:

“In a wealthy nation like the U.S., it may be hard to imagine that anyone, much less our Texas neighbors goes hungry. But hunger affects people in every state and county.

“Regretfully and despite years of hard work, the farm bill proposed by Chairman Conaway (R-Midland) today will increase hunger in Texas and make it harder for these families to succeed.

“Hunger never helped anyone find a job. This farm bill largely ignores the complex challenges faced by low-wage workers, instead imposing harsh new sanctions and other cookie-cutter solutions that will take food away from families who are willing but unable to find consistent work.

“Food is fuel for success, and cutting programs that help families meet basic needs is never a responsible approach to helping them succeed.

“We urge every member of the Texas Congressional delegation to reject this harsh proposal, and demand a bipartisan farm bill that will help more hard-working Americans avoid hunger and achieve financial security.”

Feeding Texas leads a unified effort for a hunger-free Texas.