For Immediate Release: 6/15/18
Contact: Celia Cole, 512-590-0659 or [email protected]

Senate Farm Bill Protects Hungry Texans From Harsh Attacks on SNAP

Feeding Texas expressed support today for a Senate committee-passed farm bill affirming our nation's commitment to feeding hungry families. The bipartisan Senate bill advanced Wednesday after a failed attempt to cut nutrition programs stalled in the House.

“We applaud the Senate for recognizing the value of programs like SNAP to fight hunger and support healthy, productive communities in Texas and across the nation,” said Celia Cole, CEO of Feeding Texas. “The House farm bill failed because it ignored the evidence that SNAP is critical to protect our neighbors, bolster our economy, and brighten our future. We hope the House will change course and follow the Senate's lead with a return to a bipartisan process.”

The House bill would deal a harsh blow to Texas families receiving SNAP, while the Senate bill would strengthen the program. Among the differences:

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While Feeding Texas expressed broad support for the Senate's approach to SNAP, advocates also highlighted the House's higher investment in TEFAP, the primary federal support for food banks.

“Both SNAP and TEFAP are lifelines for hungry Texans with incredible ROI for the community,” said Cole. “We were disappointed that the committee-passed bill did not prioritize TEFAP funding in the reinvestment space, and we want to increase this funding as the bill moves forward.”

Feeding Texas leads a unified effort for a hunger-free Texas.