Statement on Bipartisan, Congressional COVID Relief Negotiations

The following statement is attributable in whole or part to Celia Cole, CEO of Feeding Texas:

“We are heartened to hear that Congress is back at the negotiation table to pass a COVID relief bill by the end of the year.

Many Texas families are near the end of their rope. Unemployment benefits are expiring, job growth is slowing, and the virus is spreading once again. What this means is that millions of Texans are struggling to put food on the table.

Already, food insecurity estimates have reached a new plateau, our food banks report demand is reaching double pre-pandemic levels, and the federal relief that has buoyed our efforts since March is coming to an abrupt end.

We understand that it’s not possible to include everything that’s needed in such a short negotiation period. But the ‘skinny’ plan advanced by Senator McConnell leaves out many of Texas’ greatest needs, including food assistance. We urge Senators Cornyn and Cruz to reject this plan and embrace the more responsible, bipartisan framework released earlier this week. This plan includes significant support for nutrition programs and is critical to help unemployed Texans stay afloat just a little bit longer.

Any bipartisan relief package this holiday season must show Texans facing hunger that Congress will not ignore them in their hour of need.”

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