Since the 1970s, food banks have provided the primary charitable response to hunger in America. Twenty-one Feeding Texas food banks currently serve every Texas county through a network of over 3,000 local partners.

Our food banks act as regional hubs for charitable food and related services across Texas. We receive support from individuals, service organizations, businesses and government. In addition to feeding the hungry, our food banks work to promote healthy eating, minimize food waste, and address the causes and consequences of food insecurity.

Food in the Right Place, at the Right Time

Food bankers are masters of logistics. Our warehouses, trucks and tracking systems ensure that struggling families in every Texas county have access to a safe, nutritious supply of charitable food when they need it most.

Every year, our food banks move 360 million pounds of food. Feeding Texas meets the challenges of relying on donated food by coordinating relationships with Texas growers and truckers, developing statewide funding opportunities and advocating for public resources equal to the need.

Feeding with Impact

Food in a time of crisis is a basic need. But our food banks go even further, offering nutrition education, health programs and financial empowerment to help families move from hunger to health, and from financial insecurity to stability.

Connecting the Dots

Many struggling families are eligible for other programs that can help them get back on their feet and move forward. We also work with the state agencies that provide nutrition assistance to make sure the most vulnerable families get the temporary help they need.